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If the following sentence doesn’t make you cringe then you have enough cash and don’t need to read this article any further: “First bag fee is $35, second bag fee is $45 and the dimensions of your bags must be and the weight can’t exceed…” For the rest of us, your cheap airline ticket is suddenly not so cheap and travelling with anything other than a small carry on becomes a pain in the ass. Especially if you are traveling for adventure.

Renting the gear for your outdoor adventure is becoming a more popular option, especially if you only occasionally spend time outdoors. Whether it is backpacking equipment or all of the camping gear for your family of four, renting and delivery of camping gear is a great way to save time and money.

Companies like Mountain Side Gear Rental will ship your camping tent rentals and essentials to the 1,000’s of nationwide locations that UPS delivers to. Whether it is a hotel, campground or car rental agency, Mountain Side has probably shipped gear to your destination.

While travelers from Europe and Asia have been renting camping gear and opting for delivery for years, many more domestic customers are forgoing the cost and hassle of travelling with gear and doing the same.

“We rent only premium gear and known brands which is why people come to us in the first place. Having this gear delivered where and when you need it is just an added convenience that reduces the stress of planning and executing your adventure trip,” says John Hildebrandt, the Founder and Main Camper Guy at Mountain Side Gear Rental, a nine-year old outdoor gear and rental company. “Our mission statement is that we make it easy to get outdoors and guaranteed delivery is a part of that.”

For many families and groups, renting a complete backpacking or camping kit is considerably more cost effective and convenient than buying all of the gear and travelling with it. A complete camping kit for four starts at under $230 for a three-night rental, plus shipping, which is considerably less than spending $2,400 for the same gear new.

Mountain Side likes to say that their kits include everything but the food and the fuel. “Our complete kits are the most popular rental items we offer and in large part it is because they come with everything you need which is a big relief to the novice camper,” says Hildebrandt. “Skimping on your gear is a surefire way to a miserable weekend in a tent.”

In between rentals all of the gear is cleaned and sanitized. Sleeping bags are laundered and air dried while tents are periodically sent to a third-party commercial cleaning facility.

And for those lucky travelers starting their trip in Colorado, Mountain Side is conveniently located just off of Interstate 70 in Golden and is truly just minutes from anywhere in Denver. A recent remodel includes plenty of new gear, accessories, supplies, maps and over 100 meal and snack choices for the outdoors.

For those interested in renting camping and backpacking equipment, here are some tips provided by Mountain Side:

Reserve your gear as soon as possible. If planning a trip over a major summer holiday it is not uncommon for Mountain Side to book out.

Call with questions. “We are all experienced outdoor people and are here to help, no matter the questions,” says Hildebrandt.

Opt for the low-cost return label and make returning the gear even easier.

Make sure the gear is dry and reasonably clean before returning. This will avoid any additional cleaning fees.