Why sleep on the ground, when you can get a good night’s sleep beneath the starts on a sleeping pad? Pair an integrated sleeping pad with a 0- to 30-degree sleeping bag for a complete sleep system designed to keep you from foregoing a much-needed night’s sleep. Sleeping pads are sanitized after each rental.

Air Pad Ideal for Backpacking

Rent this award-winning inflatable air pad by Klymit. Ideal for backpacking, it weighs in at only 18oz and packs up to a tiny 3”x8” yet provides 2.5” of ground clearance on a 72”x23” pad size. Specially developed V-shaped design delivers superior support and comfort no matter how you sleep – on your side, stomach or back.
Side rails are integrated into the patterning and construction, and help to provide a secure, comfortable sleep by centering you on the pad and inhibiting air movement while tossing and turning. A secure and simple twist-pull valve allows for inflation in as few as 10 breaths, and opens wide for rapid, complete deflation. The mechanism creates a secure seal and helps prevent inadvertent opening.

Note: This camping gear rental does not fit in Bag Agnes Sleeping Bag sleeves.

Big Agnes Air Core Air Pad 72″ or 78″

Rent this award-winning compact and very lightweight Big Agnes air pad for your warm weather campouts. The air pad provides a smooth and stable sleeping surface, easy to inflate and simple to pack. Available in 72″ or 78″ sizes, the larger outer chambers of the pad keep you comfortably cradled in smack dab middle of the pad. A high-value valve allows for efficient and easy inflation and deflation.

EZ-Flate Valve instructions: Twist black part of valve counter-clockwise to open. Blow into valve to inflate. Hold gray portion of valve in mouth while spinning black portion clockwise to close.

Insulated Air Core Air Pad 72″ or 78″

Sleep well on this camping sleeping gear rental, available in 72″ or 78″ sizes, from Big Agnes. The insulated Air Core Pad is a light and compact insulated sleeping air pad for those spring, summer, and fall camping trips, or when you want a little more insulation between you and the ground. Insulation is 2.5″ of comfort. The pad is easy to inflate and will work with any sleeping bag. High-volume valve allows for quick inflation and rapid deflation.