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Dry Sacks

Award-winning dry sacks to keep what is most important dry while on the trail. Whether it’s four-days’ worth of t-shirts, skivvies and socks or your teddy bear, MSGR rents this essential piece of gear to ensure your trek isn’t ruined by water.

 20L Capacity Dry Sack

This super compact and ultra-lightweight dry sack holds a fair amount of gear, which means you don’t have to choose between keeping your gear dry and keeping it light. Its watertight with a roll-top closure and stiffener at the top for a better seal. A soft and flexible finish makes the sack easy packing, and its nearly transparent, which allows good visibility of the contents. All seams are double stitched and tape sealed. Avoid contact with sharp objects or subjecting the sack to high abrasion, as this could compromise the waterproof fabric.

This product is not intended for boating or marine use.

Quick Specs

  • Dimensions: 10″x24″
  • Weight: 1.8 oz/50g

Bear Safety

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my. When you’re in the trees, you’re in a bear’s world. Protect yourself, friends and family and your food from an unlikely encounter with a bear. You’ll be thankful you did, if ever you happen upon one.

Bear Deterrent Spray with Holster

This Bear Spray is the most powerful and farthest shooting brand, making it the most effective bear pepper spray on the market. The manufacturer has re-vamped both formula and propellant to create the hottest bear spray ever made. No one else uses such a strong formula, since only a 1 percent concentration is considered effective by the EPA. Complete with a glow in the dark safety to easily find the trigger.

Bear Resistant Food Container Rental

Rent this bear-resistant food container made of an extremely durable and highly visible proprietary polymer blend to safely store six-eight days-worth of food. Mountain Side Gear Rental rents the two best containers on the market, both made in the USA. The lid is secured with three latches that can be easily opened/closed with a coin or key. Carry Pack is included with the rental; strap it to the outside of your backpack.

Bear-resistant containers are mandatory in almost all National Parks and Forests within the United States. Certified by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee and the Sierra Interagency Black Bear Group for use in ALL National Parks.

Quick Specs

  • Dimensions: Height 13.75in – Diameter 9in
  • Weight: 3.1 to 3.3lbs
  • Large Capacity 716 cubic in (approx. 3 gallons)