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There’s no way around it. You need light when in the middle of nowhere and old school 4D flashlights are, well, old school. We’re shining light on your options.

Personal Sized LED Lantern

Rent this “personal size” Brunton camp lantern offering the efficiency of LED technology with classic styling and function. It’s for the tent whether you are at base camp or on the trail. A two-position switch lets you choose from normal power or extra-bright while the inverse conical reflector bathes your campsite in bright white light. A perfect addition to the full-size LED lantern or headlamps rented from Mountain Side Gear Rental. Safe for hanging in tent or vehicle

Quick Specs

  • Dimensions 5.7″x1.8″
  • Weight: 4oz

Black Diamond Spot Headlamp for Backpackers or Around Camp

Rent a very handy and lightweight LED headlamp for backpacking or car camping. These camping gear rentals have two settings to provide ample light for almost any situation. The Black Diamond headlamps we rent outperform any old flashlight, while LED lanterns keep the picnic table and tent illuminated in the dark of night skies.

LED Camping Lantern

Rent a handy and bright, adjustable LED lantern. While they don’t put out the light of a traditional propane lantern, these lanterns are portable, compact and versatile; you can hang them in your tent, from a tree or just simply place it on a table. We recommend one per tent. Batteries are included with each lantern.