Our Story

Welcome to Mountain Side Gear Rental

At Mountain Side Gear Rental we believe in renting some of the best camping and backpacking gear we can. Our decades of experience in the outdoors has taught us that cheap gear is a really big waste of money and premium gear can be very, very expensive. Renting premium gear for only when you need it and for a fraction of the cost of owning allows more people the opportunity to enjoy sunny days outdoors and nights under the stars.


The Spirit of the Outdoors

At Mountain Side Gear Rental we love the great outdoors of this beautiful country. From our amazing National Park system to the National Forests to a State Park to a County Campground, there are countless opportunities to spend quality time with family, friends or find solitude in every corner of the USA.

We want you to spend time outside. Enjoy it. Savor it. And then get somebody else to do the same.


Making us part of your adventure is serious business for us

We believe that the gear does make the trip. And clean gear is the only way we rent gear.

Our Customer Service should be amazing.

Our goal is for you to rent from us again.


We are a Veteran owned company

Growing up in Colorado, serving in the United States Army and then over a decade with the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, John knows the importance of being prepared and the value of quality gear. Within the Mountain Side Gear Rental team, there are decades of outdoor experience that go into sourcing our rental gear and seeking out the best way to get fresh, cold beer to the campsite.


Thanks for making us the “Official Outfitter of Great Times” and part of your adventure.


See you on the trail,