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   How to Rent Camping Gear
1. Select your camping, backpacking tent, kit and other rental gear
2. Select your desire length of rental
3. Tell us when you need the rental gear to arrive or when you will pick up locally. This is your start date
4. Send it back to us when you are done

Camping Tent Rental
Rent a camping tent from our selection of 1-Man to 6-Person tents from the best manufacturers. Three season and four season camping and backpacking tents for all conditions. 
Camping Gear Rental
Rent camping equipment and gear from our inventory of award winning outdoor gear. Sleeping bags for all climates, Air Pads, Stoves, Lanterns, First Aid Kits and even hammocks - everything  you need and want.
Backpacking Gear Rental
You'll find more "Best Of" Awards in our backpacking rental gear than anywhere else. Rent a backpack, an ultra-light tent, or sleeping bag designed for awesomeness.

Where Your Comfort is KIng
We rent only premium, top-of-the-line camping and backpacking gear because being cold, wet and miserable in a tent is not much fun.
We Ship Direct to You Anywhere in the USA
Whether it's your home, a hotel, car rental agency or anywhere else UPS ships, we can get it to you. Your camping equipment rental can be to you in 2-5 days based on UPS Ground (SHIPPING FAQ's).
Pick Up Your Camping Equipment Rental
Travelling to Colorado or living in Denver? We have a               convenient pick up and drop off location on the west end of town. Read this important information.
 We never charge for transit time!

Rent Complete Kits - Camping and Backpacking Kits Delivering What You Need and Want
Car Camping Kit: Rent a camping tent and camping quipment  that includes everything needed for a fun and amazing trip! 
BackPacking Kit: Rent a backpack, ultra-light tent, sleeping bag and plenty of award winning gear in one awesome kit.

If your camping tent rental or camping gear rental is for an extended period over 30 days or a large group, contact us.

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