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Rent Snowshoes and see nature in an entirely different way!

Snowshoeing is one of the greatest ways to see nature from an entirely different perspective and this snowshoe rental program makes it super easy for you to get outdoors. We rent snow shoes made right here in Colorado by Crescent Moon Snowshoes, one of the best and most recognized snowshoe companies in the world. We have a limited inventory of children’s snowshoe rentals; contact us for details.

If your in the Denver area, consider our Locals-only Weekday Rental Program. Snowshoes are $17 per 24-hour period, and an additional $4 per day. Available in-store only and not applicable to all rentals. Must pick-up and return during normal business hours.

Crescent Moon Snowshoes Gold 10 Men’s Backcountry Model

We didn’t have to look far to find the best snowshoes ever created. Made right here in Colorado by Crescent Moon Snowshoes.

The Gold 10 is built for unending exploration, where most trails end and the fun begins. Bigger bindings, more traction, more surface area, the Backcountry model accommodates foot sizes 10 to 15, including large volume boots like snowboard or hard-shell tele boots and every other kind of cold weather boot. A brilliant set of traversing claws and stainless-steel teeth located at the ball, heel, and most uniquely, the climbing toe claw, give you all traction you’ll ever need. The moderated tear drop shape of the Backcountry model makes the 32”x10” dimension feel more maneuverable than traditionally shaped 30” snowshoes and the bindings work in concert with the platform to make every step one of great importance and significance in the pursuit of happiness. What more can be said, but these are the finest backcountry snowshoes you’ll ever own? We suggest you buy them.

Fits men’s shoe sizes 10.5 to 15 (for smaller sizes 5 to 10 see the Gold 9 here [link to Crescent Moon Snowshoes Gold 9 Trail model page]).

Crescent Moon Snowshoes Gold 13 Women’s Trail Snowshoes

The easiest on/off women’s bindings you’ll ever use,
Crescent Moon was the first snowshoe manufacturer to design a women’s specific model and series of shoes to accommodate the differences of a woman’s stride.

Lightweight, easy to maneuver and feature a frame bent with a steep nose and tapered tail, these shoes have a unique teardrop shape to help you maintain your natural stride. The three stainless-steel crampons include a toe claw for climbing.

The binding system of these snowshoes is so well designed and functional its recognized as the “best” snowshoe on the market by most outside magazines. That’s one small step for women, one giant snowshoe leap for women-kind.

The Gold 13 Trail is for women up to 165lbs and foot sizes less than 12. Ideal snowshoes for larger kids and teens as well.

Crescent Moon Snowshoes Gold 9 Trail model

The bindings on the Gold 9 series are special, fitting every kind of shoe up to size 10.5 with exceptional comfort and function. You’ll feel the support of these showshoes in every direction of movement – whether it’s uphill, downhill, traversing terrain, walking, or even running. The bindings are incredibly easy and fast to get into, and out of, but best when they’re on. They hold your foot like a podiatrist in love, and instead of nylon webbing, Crescent Moon uses hypalon for strapping. That means it won’t come loose, won’t freeze, and won’t come off your foot in the middle of a steep, snowy climb.

For durability, performance, comfort and reliability, the Gold 9 Trail snow shoe is a great choice for any enthusiast, man or woman. Confidence in your equipment makes you comfortable in every situation. And with gear this good, your boundaries are limitless.

Recommended for snowshoers up to 195lbs. Fits shoe sizes 5 to 10 and people up to 195 pounds. If you need a larger snowshoe, the Gold 10 Backcountry series is for you [link to Crescent Moon Snowshoes Gold 10 Trail model page].


  • 9x27, teardrop shaped frame is much more maneuverable than other shapes
  • Left/right specific bindings provide a better, more comfortable fit
  • 3 stainless-steel crampon system featuring the climbing “toe” claw design
  • Lifetime warranty against defects and workmanship

EVA All-Foam Snowshoe by Crescent Moon Snowshoes

This is no ordinary snowshoe. Racking up awards and accolades as “Best in Show” at the Outdoor Retailer 2017, listed as one of the “41 products changing the way we live” by Men’s Journal Magazine…never has a snowshoe received this much press.

While it may not make your breakfast or wash your car, the EVA snowshoe will change how you walk in the snow. Lightweight, aggressive traction and amazingly comfortable, it’s like wearing your favorite pair of tennis shoes in the snow (without the freezing toes). Dual Density Foam makes this snowshoe easy to walk in as the foam compresses and rebounds with every step providing you with insulation between your feet and the snow. A flexible rocker design with a teardrop shape provides for a natural stride and makes it feel more like an athletic shoe. Hook and loop straps make the binding super easy to get in and out of. Best for snowshoers under 200lbs and fits shoe sizes from 7W to 14M.

Use the EVA All-Foam Snowshoe only when there is a minimum of six inches of snow on the ground. If used on gravel, pavement, or other non-snow surfaces the traction points will wear down prematurely and void the warranty.