Shipping and Delivery Terms and FAQ's


Never a charge for transit time! Please allow yourself enough time to get the gear to you.

HOW THIS WORKS: We ship the gear to you for delivery on your listed start date. When you are done with the rental, you ship it back to us from any UPS Store or other UPS facility or any other convenient-to-you post office at your expense. The days in transit to and from your adventure are not charged rental nights.

Do I, the customer, pay for shipping?
    Yes. We charge outbound shipping at the checkout. You are responsible for returning the gear to us and all costs associated with the return.

How Long does it take to ship the gear?
    UPS Ground typically takes 1-5 business days. We always attempt to get the gear to you one day prior to your needed date just in case of a UPS delay. This map reflects time to ship from our warehouse.

What time of day will the gear be delivered?

    We have no control over this. UPS Ground may deliver the rental gear anytime of the day. If you must have your gear by a certain time then it is best that you start your rental period a day or two earlier.  

When do I ship the gear back?
    No later than the day after your rental end date.

What if the gear is wet?
    Please do not ship wet gear back to us!! Call and we can work something out. It Doesn't take long for mold to establish and you, the customer, are responsible for returning the gear in as close to the condition you receive it. A moldy tent is much more expensive to replace than a late fee.

What do you mean "As close to the condition you receive it?"
    Obviously you are camping in the dirt or sand, but you need to remove any excess dirt, mud and sand prior to returning the gear. Same with food on a stove, mud on a backpack, dirt on a sleeping bag - you get the picture.

What if the box is ruined?
    You can purchase boxes at any UPS location or UPS Store.

Am I responsible for any damages or loss caused by UPS during the return shipment?
    Yes. Any alleged damage that occurs during the return shipment is between you and UPS. Not to sound harsh, but we have to do this to protect ourselves. We will collect either the cost of repair or replacement from your credit card on file just as you agreed to in the "Terms and Conditions" section. Consider paying for the UPS insurance when returning the gear.

How much does shipping cost?
    That is determined by UPS. We link directly to them and the shipping cost shown at checkout is the actual cost. Weight, distance, and delivery type (Ground, 2nd Day Air, etc...) determine the cost of shipping the gear. The price of fuel is a huge determinate, too, as UPS includes a fuel surcharge within the total price. Shipping costs are rarely the same day to day.

Where are you located?
    We are in Golden, CO, just west of Denver, Colorado. Our location near the geographic center of the United States helps to balance the cost of shipping the gear to any point on the compass.

Can we pick up the gear from your location?
    Yes. We don't require advance reservations, but we always encourage them.




Monday: 10:00am – 6:00pm


Tuesday: 10:00am – 5:00pm


Wednesday: 10:00am – 5:00pm


Thursday: 10:00am – 5:00pm


Friday: 1:00am – 6:00pm


Saturday: 10:00am – Noon


Sunday: Closed


Call for any special requests


You are responsible for all shipping charges. We can ship to anywhere UPS delivers whether it be to your home, business, a friend’s house or a resort. It is your (the CUSTOMER) responsibility to ship the gear to MSGR no later than the day after your stated rental end date. Customer is responsible for all return shipping costs. OBTAIN A RECEIPT FROM THE AUTHORIZED UPS AGENT AS PROOF YOU RETURNED THE GEAR TO MSGR AS YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE GEAR UNTIL IT IS RETURNED TO MSGR. IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU PURCHASE THE UPS INSURANCE AS YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE RETURN OF THE GEAR TO MOUNTAIN SIDE GEAR RENTAL.

The shipping calculated by the shopping cart is based on UPS Ground shipping from our facility in Colorado to your designated point of delivery. Please ensure the address provided by you is correct as all refused deliveries will be considered as a complete rental transaction! Note that we have absolutely no control over the time of day the gear is delivered to you when utilizing our standard shipping process of UPS Ground. The UPS driver has the absolute final decision regarding leaving the package on a front porch or at an apartment. If for whatever reason the driver does not deem it secure and does not leave the package at your designated ‘Ship To’ address, we are not liable for this. It is up to you to ensure someone is home for the delivery if this is applicable.

Shipments refused for other than our designated culpability will be processed as a completed rental transaction, with the full rental fees assessed to the renter. So you might as well go camping. If you have us ship to someone else, and they lose it or you can't get to it (hotel stashed it away; closed business, etc.), it's not our fault.

We try to get the gear to you at least one day before your Start Date if timely ordered, but only guarantee delivery by the end of the day of the Start Date.



if you want us to ship to a motel, you should let them know in advance to expect a package, and be sure the shipping addressee you give us is to the person named on the reservation at the motel; otherwise they sometimes have trouble matching it up. If we ship to a UPS facility, keep in mind pickup hours vary from location to location, and few are open on Sunday's. See the 'locations' tab on the UPS site, or go to this link:  Shipments to a 'UPS Customer Center' are the most reliable; gear is usually available first thing in the morning; and there are no pickup fees. Shipments to a 'UPS Store' are sometimes more convenient, but there will probably be a pickup fee charged by its independent owner. Some lodges at National Parks accept UPS shipments, but you should confirm that in advance as there may be special shipping-label instructions that vary from the address on their web site - just call and ask if they accept UPS shipments, and if there are any special instructions.