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We Make It Easy To Get Outdoors

Renting camping gear should be a simple process and with us, it is. Our mission is to make it easy to get outdoors and since 2010 that is exactly what we do. Nobody in Colorado has rented camping gear for as long as we have and we have outfitted 1,000’s of happy campers.

Whether you are picking up the gear at our shop west of Denver in Golden, Colorado or we are shipping the gear to you we guarantee super-clean gear for your outdoor adventures.

For Rentals We Ship

We can ship gear direct to you anywhere UPS delivers, including super convenient UPS Access Points. Access Points provide you delivery location options for picking up your gear when you are not at home or need a place to get your delivered on the road. Learn more about this convenient option from Mountain Side. We ship the gear so that it should be delivered at least one day prior to your starting rental date.

Take advantage of our super-easy and economical flat rate return shipping option.

For Rentals Picked Up at Our Store in Golden, Colorado

Mountain Side is open six days a week and we offer 24/7 pick-up and drop-off for almost all gear rentals. Contact us for more information.

Rental Information

We want to make it as easy as possible to get you outfitted and get you outside! After taking a look at our rental information page, feel free to call or email us with questions. Please review our Terms and Conditions here.

Interested in buying gear you rented? Contact us to learn more about our Rent-It, Try-It, Buy-It program.

Here are some commonly asked rental information questions regarding renting gear with Mountain Side. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us.

Rental Reservations

If you need to rent camping equipment for a future date up to one year ahead of time, just go ahead and place your order on our website or over the phone. Sometimes is easiest to actually speak to somebody when placing your order so feel free to call us at 303-955-2290. If you rent on line, your credit card will be charged immediately and you will receive an email order verification. When we actually ship your gear, you will receive a tracking information email directly from UPS. Mountain Side offers a simple and economical flat rate shipping option for returning your gear. Your only job is to have fun and send things back to us when you get back (or drop them off at our retail shop in Golden). Please remember to reserve as far in advance as practical. Once your reservation is set, your gear is guaranteed to be available for you.

Transit Time

You do not pay for any of the transit time when you rent from Mountain Side

We can include a pre-paid shipping tag for return shipping as well.

Mountain Side will ship your gear anywhere you want it shipped.  Like your destination if you are flying in. We often ship to a UPS Store or first night hotel. Whatever works for you. It’s a good idea to call your hotel or UPS Store to make sure they will accept your gear and if there are any special instructions needed on the shipping label.

What outdoor gear does Mountain Side rent?

Premium gear from the best brands in the industry. Our rental items include tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, backpacks, stoves, cooking items, accessories, and more.

Returning Gear Clean and Dry

We expect gear to be returned clean and dry. Dry is critical. Wet gear means mildew and mildew leads to bad things and lots of cleaning. Clean for you means shake the dirt out of the inside of the tent and other gear. It’s important to know that we reserve the right to charge a cleaning fee if your gear comes back wet and dirty. If you are in a situation where you have to return gear back damp or wet, a phone call will go a long way in avoiding charges.

With that said, we understand normal wear and tear on rental items. If items are damaged, lets say you put your tent or sleeping bag too close to the fire and holes were burned in it, there is a fee for fixing or replacing.  Just treat the gear like you own it and there shouldn’t be any problem.