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Do you fantasize about one day graduating from novice hiker to experienced backpacker? If so, Mountain Side Gear Rental wants to help you rise to the momentous occasion.

As proof, this summer Mountain Side is partnering with The Savvy Hiker, professional hiking trail guides, to present the 2018 Unplug and Adventure Series. The four-part series will provide hikers just like yourself with the necessary gear, survival and first aid training and amazing excursions in the Colorado backcountry. Excursions range from maiden backpacking voyages to intermediate confidence-building treks. Whichever your classification, entrust your backcountry skill level to certified experts on an overnight introductory trip and amazing multi-night trek.

Interested? Join Mountain Side and the Savvy Hiker for an introductory session, May 31, location and time TBD. Enjoy cold beer, meet your hosts, make some new friends and prepare for a summer of adventure! For more information about the 2018 Unplug and Adventure Series, visit the Mountain Side Gear Rental website, or email Mountain Side’s VP of Awesomeness, Phil Sanchez.

About Mountain Side Gear Rental

Mountain Side Gear Rental makes it easy for people to spend time in the great outdoors by renting premium camping and backpacking gear from our location in Golden. We provide trip planning and assistance to our domestic and international visitors. More information about Mountain Side is available at