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Lonely Planet Traveller Magazine Rents Tents and Camping Gear from Mountain Side Gear Rental.

Visits National Parks in Western USA

When I got the call from Lonely Planet Magazine in London wanting to rent camping gear for an upcoming story about some of the magnificent National Parks in the western US, I asked if I could go with them. No joke. They were going on a road trip that I have always dreamed of taking yet I never have. I grew up in Golden, Colorado, living here almost my entire life, and I’ve never been on a road trip like this. The reporter and photographer come in from London and added another notch to their belt. Just like that. Someday…

The National Park Service is an amazing bunch of people providing us a great service as they maintain our greatest treasures with a dwindling budget. Make sure you use their online resources to plan your next trip as their campgrounds sell out every year. Most allow you to make reservations six months in advance – make sure you’re prepared. A quick check of Rocky Mountain National Park and The Great Sand Dunes shows their respective campgrounds sold out through July 2017.

Check out the websites below for more information and enjoy the Parks!

See you on the trail,


National Park Service Website

National Park Foundation

National Park Campground Reservations