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The very best camping and backpacking gear in a complete, ready-to-go kit that doesn’t cost a fortune.

With 17 essential pieces of gear in the Backpacking Kit and almost 20 pieces of valuable camping equipment in the Camping Kit, your saving time and money. 

We’ve made spending time in the great outdoors incredibly easy – and the great outdoors incredible.

Complete Camping Kit Rental

Complete Camping Kits

Tent-Sleeping Gear-The Kitchen Sink

Does this sound familiar? You want to go camping and you think you know what you need, but you just aren’t sure. Or maybe it’s that the gear Uncle Buck is willing to loan you was old in 1977. Perhaps you’re jetting in from London to see The Stones in Yellowstone. Maybe the idea of buying everything in our kit and throwing down over $2,000 is a little over your budget. Whatever the reason, our complete camping kits are one of our bestsellers because they are chock-full of everything but the food and the fuel. A choice of tent, sleeping bags with air pads in multiple sizes and temperature ratings, a stove and awesome cookset, a lantern, rope, coffee pot, soap and a lot more. See? Everything but the food and fuel. 

BP Kit on the Oregon Coast Trail

Complete Backpacking Kits

Backpack-Tent-Sleeping Gear-Ready to Kick Trail

You will not find more award-winning gear in another kit anywhere on the worldwide web. If that sounds impressive, it’s because it is and it’s that way because of you. Whether you’re knocking out the Sierras section of the PCT or a backcountry bachelor party in Colorado’s Never Summer Wilderness, these kits are more than capable. Start with award-winning backpacks, air pads, tents, stoves, cooksets, headlamps and dry-sacks. Add paracord, biodegradable soap, a trowel, first aid kit, and so much more and you are trail ready. And you’re light, too, as these kits are 12-15.7 pounds trail weight per person. 

Make Your Adventure an Experience

 We also have camp chairs that pack down to the size of a loaf of bread but are much more comfortable than sitting on the loaf of bread. And if you are renting a camping kit here in Colorado, add a really large cooler and take your growler to one of our favorite local breweries. This is why we are the “Official Outfitter of Great Times.”  

As always, call or email me with any questions. We look forward to getting you out on the trail!

Thanks and Have Fun!