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Any savvy shopper knows it pays to shop around, especially when you’re looking to spot a good deal. At Mountain Side Gear Rental (MSGR), we’ve spared you from having to conduct your own retail analysis and outlined below a one-week cost comparison of commonly rented and purchased outdoor gear, such as backpacks, cook-sets, headlamps and tents.

One-Week Cost-Comparison

Outdoor Gear

Retail Outlet

MSGR Lowergear Outdoorsgeek REI Rental REI Retail
4-Person Camping Kit $253.25 N/A $399 N/A N/A
65L Backpack $37.00 $38 $53 $90 $249+
2-Person Backpack Cook-set $19 $13 $19 N/A $64.95
Headlamp $12 $9 $12 N/A $39.95
2-Person Backpack Tent $46.25 $41 $47 $104 $249
6-Person Camping Tent $58.25 $55 $71 $148 $399
2-Person Backpack Kit $267 N/A $274 N/A N/A

Note: All MSGR Camping Kits include tents, air pads and sleeping bags with temperature ratings, camp stoves with cook-sets and cooking utensils, coffee pots, coolers, First Aid kits, bio-degradable soap, ropes, LED camp lanterns, and more. All gear is cleaned and sanitized after each rental. Tent upgrades are available.

The takeaway from the retail analysis? If you’re planning a camping or backpacking trip, but you don’t have all the necessary supplies, Mountain Side Gear Rental is your outlet for premium, award-winning gear. Once you’ve finalized the duration of your trip and selected and reserved your gear online at no cost, Mountain Side will ship the materials direct to you anywhere in the U.S., or you can choose to pick it up at the outfitter’s Golden, Colo., location. Use your gear, have fun and return it. Viola. The outdoors made easy and cost-efficiently.

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Mountain Side Gear Rental makes it easy for people to spend time in the great outdoors by renting premium camping and backpacking gear from our location in Golden. We provide trip planning and assistance to our domestic and international visitors. More information about Mountain Side is available at