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Renting camping and backpacking gear is easier than renting a car.

Mountain Side Gear Rental rents premium
camping and backpacking gear delivered to you anywhere in the
USA or picked up from our location in Golden, CO at gateway of the
Rocky Mountains.

We’ve made spending time in the great outdoors incredibly easy – and the great outdoors incredible.

Camping and backpacking gear is expensive.

Buying premium camping or backpacking gear for that big trip you have planned out for this summer? Outfitting the trip with everything you need and want from that really cool outdoors store  is great until you realize it costs a lot of money. So how about going to that big store that sells everything and picking up some gear on the cheap? That is like playing roulette – your first night may be a great time, then your luck leaves you faster than the wind that is now battering your tent. And then of course you have to store it somewhere until your next trip, assuming there is another trip. Owning gear is just not for everybody. Which is why we rent amazing gear.

Mountain Side Gear Rental is Worldwide.

Since 2010 we have rented camping and backpacking gear from some of the best brands to thousands and thousands of people from across the country and from around the world. We’ve rented backpacking tents to a group hunting caribou in the Arctic Circle and to a couple knocking out The Appalachian Trail. Our complete camping kits outfitted a huge family reunion in the Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania and hundreds of backpacking kits rented to folks exploring our home state of Colorado. We select our gear from the “Best-Of” lists so that you can outfit your adventure with the gear you want for a fraction of the price of owning it.

Always Clean. Always Amazing.

No matter how great our gear may be, we know that it must be clean and sanitized after every rental to ensure your maximum enjoyment. No exceptions. Sleeping bags are washed and air pads are sanitized. Tents are cleaned and backpacks are scrubbed. We go to great lengths to ensure that our gear is everything you expect no matter what your adventure.

Feel free to call or email me with any questions and remember to have fun!