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Daydreaming of your next camping trip in the mountains? How about working a trailer into this daydream? You’ll soon be able to rent Teardrop Trailers – named for its shape, a teardrop – along with all your outdoor essentials from Mountain Side Gear Rental.

Think of our Teardrop Trailers as mobile hotel rooms. They’re the perfect camping solution for trekking cross-county, making a beeline for the woods at a second’s notice or posh accommodations in Vail, Colo., the night after the GoPro Mountain Games this June. Placing emphasis on comfort and convenience, the trailers are streamlined, compact, off-road capable and lightweight enough to be pulled from behind a Subaru or wherever a Jeep wants to take them. Piling on the favorable attributes, the trailers are outfitted with solar power and deep-cycle marine batteries. Plus, they’re 100 percent water-proof and equipped with both a roof-top tent for two-three people and a shade tarp.

The galley – aka kitchen – contains ample room for your crew’s basic kitchen essentials, a 4-gallon fresh water storage system, portable refrigerator and a Camp Chef oven with two burners and an oven fitting 9”x13” baking dishes. Camp-side gourmet, anyone? When night falls, two adults will sleep peacefully inside the trailer, side-by-side, on a queen-sized Memory Foam mattress. All this and you’ll still find enough room to store your additional awarding-winning camping and backpacking rentals from Mountain Side.

To rent one of Mountain Side Rental Gear’s one-of-a-kind Teardrop Trailers and make your daydreams a reality, call Mountain Side at 303-955-2290; reservations are not available online. Trailers are for pick up at our store, located at 15985 S. Golden Rd, Unit A, Golden, Colo. 80401.

About Mountain Side Gear Rental

Mountain Side Gear Rental makes it easy for people to spend time in the great outdoors by renting premium camping and backpacking gear from our location in Golden, Colo. We provide trip planning and assistance to our domestic and international visitors. More information about Mountain Side is available at