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If you’ve got the itch to shut down summer camping and backpacking activities to make room for the thrill of winter, go right on ahead. But before you put your gear away, make certain you clean and winterize it. Follow these five suggestions from Mountain Side Gear Rental and your gear will be in tip-top shape when winter gives way to those glorious spring days.

Preserving Camping and Backpacking Gear During Winter

1. Wash your gear only if it saw a lot of action throughout spring and summer, and/or it was stored or transported wet at any time. At Mountain Side, we recommend washing everything with Tek Wash by Nikwax. This stuff is available for purchase via Amazon.

2. Protect your gear from adverse conditions threatening its lifespan. This includes extreme heat, rodents and critters, etc.

3. If your stash includes a synthetic sleeping bag, once you’ve wiped it down with Tek Wash, you’ll want to air it out. Simply hang on a clothes line or drape over an outside railing for a few days.

4. When it comes to your tent, clean away any mud, dirt, sand, etc. Once its dry, throw in a few dryer sheets and it’ll be smelling fresh and clean come spring.

5. Wipe down and air-out sleeping pads before putting them in large storage sacks – not the original stuff sack it came with. Following this step will help the pad maintain its loft.

The greatest threat to camping equipment is not using it at all. So, squeeze in one last hoorah, or get started cleaning and winterizing your gear; you’ll be happy did. And if you’re in the market for award-winning, premium camping and backpacking gear to grow your collection, Mountain Side Gear Rental not only rents, but sells new and slightly used equipment. Brands include Mountainsmith, Big Agnes, Flying Diamond, Deuter and many more. When you buy or rent gear between now and Friday, Nov. 30, you’ll save 20 percent on your purchase Use coupon code FallColors2018 when booking online or mention the Fall Camping Special promo, if ordering over the phone.

For questions about prepping your gear for winter or more information about Mountain Side Gear Rental’s Fall Camping Special, visit, or reach out to

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