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The fall hunting season is fast approaching. Let’s maintain peace and harmony among hunters and non-hunters in the Colorado wilderness by embracing these tips for staying safe when you’re outdoors during gaming season.

  1. Be alert. Legal big-game hunting dates vary by animal-type and hunting equipment. If you’re planning a trip to the mountains, or even the plains of Eastern Colorado, know when hunting season begins in the area, as well as any important particulars to ensuring a safe outdoor trek. As a rule of thumb, it’s likely best to avoid the trails and open space at dawn and dust as these are prime hunting times.
  2. Make your presence known. Don’t be afraid to sport bright colors and make your presence known if you’re trekking through posted hunting territory. Fluorescent and bold colors are always in vogue during gaming season. Stay on the trail, avoid bushwhacking, and, make some noise by chatting with your fellow hikers, singing or whistling. If you do hear hunting activity, raise your voice and let hunters know you’re in the vicinity.
  3. Keep Fido close. If your favorite outdoor companion is the family dog, remember to keep him/her close by and on a leash while exploring nature. The last thing you want is for a hunter to mistake Fido for a big-game animal. Its not a bad idea to tie a fluorescent-colored bandana onto the leash or around Fido’s neck for further domestic recognition.
  4. Play it safe. If partaking in an outdoor adventure during hunting season has you uneasy, there’s no shame in postponing your trip for another time, or selecting an alternative location, where hunting is not allowed. National and state parks are always in season.

There are 23 million acres of public land in Colorado. Safely make your way outdoors this fall. And for camping location suggestions and other supporting information, visit the Mountain Side Gear Rental website.

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