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Denver Camping Furniture Rental

Camping Furniture Rentals

Who wants to sit on a rock in the blazing sun when you don’t have to? Nobody, that’s who. Upgrade your camping trip with these camping rentals and turn your campsite into a place you want to hang out.

Rent camping chairs that pack down to the size of a loaf of bread yet hold 300 pounds.

Our shade tent rentals are super portable and very easy to set up, providing a place to seek shelter from the sun or rain and play some cards.

Easy To Set Up Shade Tent

Not every campsite has the shade you need or want, so just take it with you. This tent rental makes every campground better. Great for your kids soccer games or a music festival.

Camp Chairs For The Masses

Why sit on a rock or be relegated to a U.S. Government picnic bench when you can rent this gem of a chair?