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Sleeping Gear Rentals

Our sleeping bag rentals are selected to provide you comfort, warmth and a great night’s rest. Mountain Side carries a wide range of sleeping temperature ratings and sizes for all types of adventures – backpacking, camping or just the backyard. 

We have separated our sleeping bags into two different categories as the demands of carrying your gear on your back are vastly different than pulling up to your campsite in your car.

Backpacking Sleeping Bags: Traditional mummy style, lighter weight and provide you a choice between down and synthetic. These sleeping bag rentals DO NOT come with an air pad though we have an excellent air pad that Backpacker Magazine loves. 

Camping Sleeping Bags: Roomy, semi-rectangular shaped bags and are available in different sizes and temperature ratings. These sleeping bags come with an INCLUDED air pad. We include the air pad because we like you.


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