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Sleeping Gear Rentals for Camping

Our Rental Sleeping Gear for Car Camping or a Basecamp are carefully chosen to provide you some wiggle room, warmth and not take up a ton of space when packed in the trunk of the car. These 15 and 30 degree sleeping bags and integrated air pad are a complete sleep system designed to keep you from rolling off of the air pad.

Our 15 and 30 degree rental sleeping bags are available in in two sizes: Regular Size for those of us 5’10” or shorter and a Long Size for folks up to 6’6″.

We highly recommend the 15 degree sleeping bags for any high-altitude adventure (think Rocky Mountains or Yellowstone) – even during the summer.

Temperature Ratings

30 degree Sleeping Bag with inflatable air pad: These sleeping bags are great for camping when overnight temps are above 30 degrees more likely at lower altitudes or in the Summer.

15 degree Sleeping Bag with inflatable, insulated air pad: These sleeping bags are nice for those crisp nights found in higher altitudes and your early-Spring or late-Fall camping trips.

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