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Backpacking and Camping Gear Rental Packages

Save time and money with our most popular lines of rental gear:

The Complete Camping Gear Kit Rental includes 17 essential items for your next camping trip. Our camping package rental comes with everything you need for a great campsite.

The Complete Backpacking Gear Kit Rental has 16 different items you’ll need to tackle any trail like a pro. In this backpacking kit, there is more award-winning gear than in any other bundle! Pick your backpack and choice of sleeping bag.

Our kits are adventure ready with everything you’ll need but the food and fuel. You plan the adventure and leave the gear to us.

Backpacking Rental Kit

Kits for 1-3 People

Hike the backcountry with confidence as these kits are based on the 10 essentials.

Camping Rental Kit

Kits for 2-6 People

Perfect for all National Park campgrounds. Customize each kit with available options.